Solo Exhibit, Renaissance Court Gallery, The Chicago Cultural Center, upcoming, November 2020

Solo Exhibit, Leslie Wolfe Gallery, Old Town Art Center, Chicago, April 2019

Special Valentine’s Day Group Exhibit, “Random Acts of Love,” Hairpin Art Center Gallery, Chicago, February 14, 2019

Group Exhibit, "All Politics are Local,” Jackson Junge Gallery, Chicago, February 2019

Solo Exhibit, “Humans (Mostly),” The Boxcar at Steep Theatre, Chicago, November 2018 through January 2019

"If You See Something, Say Something" featured on the website magazine Mad in America, July 2018

Solo Exhibit, "On the Red Line," featuring paintings of Chicagoans real and imagined on the Chicago Red Line, Happy Gallery Chicago (formerly Peanut Gallery), Chicago, May 2018

"If You See Something, Say Something" selected for an award, Light, Space and Time Figurative Art Exhibit (juried on-line), April 2018

Group Exhibit, Jeffrey Breslow Gallery, Chicago, January through February 2018 

Group Exhibit, “It Takes All Kind,” Studio Oh!, Chicago, November through December 2017 

Group Exhibit, McGarry Bowen advertising agency, sponsored by State of the Art, Chicago, June through August 2017

"Blast You To Hell" featured on the website for the podcast "No Narrow Thing," #6 Gossip II - Mean Girls and the Culture of Censure, hosted by Whitney Johnson and Dustin Addington

"Johnny Sprockets" selected for an award, ArtisTTable Selfie Show (juried on-line), May 2017

Roman Susan Art Foundation and the Rogers Park Historical Society Collaborative Group Exhibit, Chicago, April 2017

"Hans Takes a Photo of the Lobster Guy" selected for an award, Light, Space and Time Figurative Art Exhibit (juried on-line), April 2017

Emerging Artist Exhibit, Morpho Gallery, Chicago, January 2017

"Pop’s Coney Island Dream" selected for an award, Fusion Art's 2nd Annual Figures and Faces Exhibit (juried on-line), December 2016